Be sure to visit our wine shop while in Garrucha


Wine has been around for 8000 years. It is not rushed by the fast moving 21st century, it flows at its own pace. Our wine shop is also from a different era, a place to linger and explore, where you can feel the weight of the bottle, muse over the label, receive ideas and suggestions for something new and different. We specialize in local wines from Almería, have a wide collection of classic wines from all over Spain and an additional selection of some foreign new & old world wines as well.
Our wine shop is just a drop in the glass. Bodegas come to visit us and share their wines; we host individual personalized wine tastings for small groups and in the Spring and Autumn, we organize coach trips to get out and visit local bodegas.

Would you like to join us on the next wine tasting in our garden or go on a coach trip to a local bodega?

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